Sunday, January 29, 2017

Flying Car Coming Soon…

Jam on the way! In fact, does the mind want to fly to its destination? Expect to fill the rest a few days, maybe more. But work to develop a flight visit, but keep going. A prototype flying car later this year, the European aircraft maker Airbus. If the company executive told Reuters data.

That year, Airbus 016, "Urban Air Mobility as a separate department launched. Building passenger vehicles like helicopters flying from the department is working on the idea. Passengers will be able to have more than one car in the city together. Will use a flying car to rent, as well as a car sharing platform.

Airbus chief executive Tom Anders dieladi in Munich said a test of a passenger car later this year would be a waste. Environmental and do not see why very seriously.

Tom Anders, development costs of the city's infrastructure will be reduced if the flying car. The concrete bridge or road construction costs. To create the largest commercial helicopter company in the world Automobiles Auto-mobiles Airbus, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and invested all the time. These important pieces of neglect of business development is negligence.

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