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Most Popular Categories + Monetization Techniques

games Most Popular categories in Google clearly is determined by the number of downloads. Most of what users of Android devices and popular applications makes these categories and what is the best way to monetize the game to see that look in more detail.

Arcade and Action

This is 2,300 more applications most requested category contains 50,000 has been downloaded more time is required. Arcade and action game for Android only 25% three out of every four game developers via advertising and in-app purchase their own games means that the money is paid. For a number of reasons can be profitable freemium is happening:

People are very important in a saturated market their games, are more likely to test

Your game on Android, which is very common, hackers are less likely to be

Freemium profitable when it comes to beating this game, payment is much more effective for applications

• If an average game, even though you still ads, virtual currency and can make a good income with other application techniques

Angry Birds and Angry Birds HD for Android leading the all-time games, and at least 100 million downloads each month, with free and paid! His addiction to explain the work has been basically it boils down to the user's mental model, perfect to fit tested: users' private information without a game at play enough to win this simply can not do, so if you really addictive game, which makes again immediately want to play (Pacman or Do you remember Tetris?). We also provide great satisfaction and compete with others such as sağlar.ücretsiz Android app mobile ads monetized by all users, but those who download this is not a problem with numbers.

Casual Games

This category 50,000 with more than 2,200 downloads and is the second most popular games on Google Play Games category. In all other categories, such as free casual games are way more paid downloads. For example, last month edelim.geç Burger downloaded 5 million times and application is free of charge car users, most users end up regretting payment applications are more likely to have been a good place to leave a comment. The burgers are great visuals with a fun and challenging game, but even this like crazy downloaded, to unlock the in-app purchasing and material absence repetitive and time would be boring, I'm developers about this opportunity explicitly do you think umuyoruzuygul theme to monetize a correct the path will be. Read More

iOS VS Android

Offers and sequential positions iOS and Android

Each of a series of new promotional offer longing love the iPhone, the technology-giant should keep a watch on promotional tactics. Of course, this technology giant, something that users have been waiting a long time to have invented sö imagine before the operating system is probably the pariah, innovative. New applications regularly, as it allows lovers just love technology, Apple Inc., apps kraldır.fonksiyon, speed and iPhone design for all fans of technology are overwhelming and currency appreciation. However, besides all these aspects, advanced applications that users who admired equally to a competitor of Google, it stays there.

Reports that Apple makes more profit than Google; but Android users by estimating the number of media, with an increase in the amount of more than one million per day, is much more Apple. However, Apple Inc., Google Inc. still is less efficient than competitors

Free, while paid applications because users of Apple's competitors are preferred Google applications (most), probably. In addition, iPhone and Android smartphones, as well as use of their users than the latter said. Even if these applications are concerned, their forward iPhone. This is probably the technology offered by these two giants in the world of the difference is due to the quality of the application. Although Google made ​​their free applications, more users rather than quantity in this context seems to be more inclined towards quality. But, of course, they all basically serve the purpose as it is extremely easy to use and Android apps, useless, but Apple seems to focus more on the uniqueness.

Levels of competition between the two

But so is the competition between iOS and Android among manufacturers, indirectly. It will take two to grab and trying to create a field visible. The provisions of the Apple smart phone technology, Google Android has given a tough competition with his invention. Google is a search engine as provisions, when Apple Google maps with many features, fast location for a locator emerged as said Siri, with his invention a tough competition ready to give, but more precise and to the point is. He is well known for the production of Apple Inc. Android models for the use of its technology and design large Android manufacturer has filed a lawsuit against Samsung models almost all tech enthusiasts.

Mobile App Developers

Then hire mobile application developer, you need to visualize your idea and scope. Like writing a story. Applications must be developed from scratch, because application developers need to visualize every aspect of the idea. He is someone to write the code for your application. When you start writing a story as a novelist, therefore, that all you need to spend hours writing lines of code. If you hire developers to spend some time in the development of the entire coding process is required.

Thus, if you have a limited budget in the first place, you need to understand all the small roles that you need to understand. Unlike a lot of functionality, instead of focusing should focus on basic functionality. You olmalıdır.niha existing interface design flexible and adaptable with a minimum viable product may finally come out, but at least it will be properly validate ideas. If you want to add more features in the future, in addition, there should be room for it.


Nowadays, online platforms like oDesk and Elance experienced mobile application developers from around the world offer great opportunities for work. You cost of living is low compared to Western countries economies can hire the best mobile application developers. We talk about a developer with experience in the United States for example, they charge $ 100 / hour to as high as olabilir.öt hand, the cost of living in India as a normal application mobile charges $ 50 to $ 30 / hour an Indian developer, is low.

Work with developers of mobile applications in the same time has its advantages if you are trying. If the best mobile developers in different time frames But if you have the opportunity to hire, the combined team will be more useful olabilir.z Time to complete all work in the first half. Development and testing of pastures will make the task team working on the night shift team will consider working on the day shift. Thus, the entire process is accelerated.

Platform and Category

Rates based on different factors categorized Most major companies developing mobile applications developers. These estimates dayanmaktadır.platform a developer experience and knowledge is very different from each other fees are different for iOS and Android developers. According to various devices as well as to develop Android application developers always charge more than their iOS counterparts. The whole process of development and testing, these fees, is time consuming.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Widows Mobile and Android Develpment Platform part3

Unit testing for Android is quite simple as the API uses the JUnit testing framework. The JUnit framework enforces the hierarchical organization of the various test units, which is a big plus. Moreover, the pattern of JUnit guarantees the independence of the test units and minimizes interference. This is done by first creating and then destroying the environment newly created test before and after each test method is executed. Android JUnit even takes a step further by allowing the device to test the code. Here, test libraries are incorporated as part of the standard libraries of Android.

However, there is a problem with the Android device in the tests compared to Windows Mobile is the readability of the results. Evidence of Android devices do not have a user interface that can display test results. To see the results of the test, a controller that handles the callbacks Android test runner has to be implemented.

Windows Mobile, on the other hand has a high degree of legibility and visibility, while the Android platform is a bit difficult to use when it comes to efficiency. The problem with Android is the lack of information, which is issued automatically through visual tools in the integrated development environment in Windows Mobile.

Windows Mobile implements a version of the xUnit framework. The code for the test class is held in a separate project, although still within a solution in the IDE. Like Android, Windows Mobile xUnit testing also allows for device testing. The greatest difference here, as mentioned above, is the feedback test. Windows Mobile has a full user interface that provides information from each test. This makes it easier for developers to better understand what the test was successful and why a particular test failed.

Debugging support is also important for the development of applications because it is a step in real time by step execution code, which can help you find and correct errors. The treatment process will be dependent on the integrated development environment to carry out its task. Both Windows Mobile and Android step by step debug support platform. In addition, both platforms also include a debugging feature on the device that allows an application running on a mobile device during debugging runs in the IDE.

Widows Mobile and Android Develpment Platform part2

 However, the difference lies in the way that storage space is exploited. While Android can not install apps on memory cards, Windows Mobile allows. Both Android and Windows Mobile platforms have a relational database. In addition, both platforms have enough features libraries of useful persistence. Once the libraries have been initialized, the access to the database is available through an object oriented interface that can be easily accessed by developers.


Performance figures are important for both users and developers. Comparing the results of the two platforms will be implemented based on the file size. The basic purpose of measuring file size is to get a better idea of ​​the configuration and the runtime dependencies included in the application packages.

Android applications are packaged in apk (Android Package) files. The. APK usually has a group. DEX (Android program files) files, operating as a single application file for use on the Android platform. The APK file. It's basically the compressed version of the content in the file 'AndroidManifest.xml'.

Windows Mobile applications make use of the cab-files for packaging and deploying applications. The first step in making a distributable file involves packaging application to a file (Cabinet) CAB. This CAB file will be deployed to other devices that can be expanded and installed. A CAB file is basically an executable file that contains the application, resources, dependencies such as DLL files and other resource files.

Widows Mobile and Android Develpment Platform part1


Android was launched by Google in 2007 as an open source platform for developing mobile software for smartphones code. The Android platform was launched as part of the Open Handset Alliance. The main objective of this partnership was the creation of open standards for smartphones. Android is basically a Linux based open source operating system for mobile. As an operating system for mobile phones that allows developers to create managed code in Java, using the Java libraries developed by Google. Not only provide Android mobile operating system which includes a development environment, it also offers a custom virtual machine called Dalvik virtual machine for running applications and acts as middleware between the operating system and the code. When it comes to application development, Android facilitates the use of 2D and 3D graphics libraries, advanced networking capabilities such as 3G, EDGE and WiFi and a custom SQL engine for permanent storage.

Windows Mobile

Developed by Microsoft, the Windows Mobile is an operating system for mobile devices. Based on Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 platform, Windows Mobile is used as an operating system on many smart phones, PDAs and touch screen devices. Windows Mobile facilitates the creation of custom applications written in managed and source codes. The Application Programming Interface (API) for Windows Mobile is extensible and has advanced features along with a soft layer. In addition to Windows Mobile also leverages the capabilities provided by the Microsoft.Net environment.