Friday, April 3, 2015

Mobile Technology change within 1-seconnds

Go to Barcelona to see football madness, ramablaya gaudira walk or see the house. But tens of thousands of people gathered outside the new Barcelona. Occasion-World Mobile Congress. Since 2018 the GSM Association sanyogadatadera global mobile phone, an international organization has chosen the city of mobile phones for this match.
More than 90 people attended the fair this year. Barcelona economy has added 43 million to 60 million euros. 13 thousand people are employed. However, this is not achieved in the mobile Congress economy, rather than a discussion of the various types of mobile technology.
Mobile Congress opened March. The four-day event, hosted the inauguration of John Frederick GSM Association bakasasa Congress President said, mobile technology is changing every second. Exhibitions and when the term is found in the truth. With so much attention to the number of participants in the exhibition which lasted four days. The end of the room to see the new technology, however, the number 3 in the 'Innovation sitite to go.
Innovation City, which appear at the end of the doctor does not have teeth. There was a doctor there. Tooth brushes Oral B and intelligent series of Representatives (piayandaji) Procter & Gamble. You have to brush your teeth regularly. But do it correctly? Brush teeth with smart series mobile phones via Bluetooth. Toothbrush after each task is how rules can be known by the phone. You can find the same information to your doctor. He was able to give the necessary advice via mobile phones.
The French manufacturer of sports goods Babolata. Ketati Tennis Championships Rafael Nadal who use it to create babolatera. Innovation City found byabolatera Kate is a manifestation of tennis. This is combined with a mobile phone via Bluetooth rally K├ętao. The game ends when a khelalena species, where their strengths, weaknesses, where, how many were wrong, everything is going to know what hit hard. Read More

7-top points of Smart phones

Many smartphones are caring for new purchases. Everything will be spoiled if little influence. I had heard many people talking about smartphones. The duration of the nightlife of the battery is reduced and is used to charge the battery while the phone is not just that it is in vogue. Smartphone myth is true, or the wrong idea?

1. Stay with charger charger smartphones should not be used for purposes other than
Authenticity: smartphones have the best carjaratii. This does not mean that you can not use any other charger. Currently, all the same type of smartphone and tablet computer, the micro USB port is used. The purpose of the rule, suddenly becomes necessary to charge the battery with the charger. Something that does not use the charger.
II. More megapixels means a better camera

Statement is not correct at all. Determine megapixel image size, image quality is not. Sensors and image sensors record how can efficiently the camera processes the image to determine the value. You can focus on this aspect when buying a smartphone. Read More

Android phones recognized human touch

Android smartphone users, Google is bringing a touch function that automatically detects the user and be able to adjust the lock screen. The phone is in your pocket or is captured by the phone to understand.

Ayakaseloromitarera phones with this feature will not work. When the user is away from the phone and will auto-lock phone. Once the user to unlock the phone, but the phone is locked and shall not withhold or pocket. But when the phone leaving away the car will be closed. Moreover, using the open access code. This feature allows you to lock your phone hours are wrong to think that you learn from the experts.

Technology Android Police website, by phone and greater security to prevent data theft from your phone, this feature will be unintended. However, the main phone is the owner of the hand or pocket, which can not be identified. Android 5.0 or lollipops version will support this feature.

Start Booking of Galaxy S6 or S6-edge

Recently, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona smartphone Galaxy S 6 and S 6 Edge Samsung has two open.
Samsung officials, two new models of Galaxy series smartphones available in the market since April. Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain Age of Galaxy S 6 and S-6 has announced that the smartphone market in the country since April 0. The world will go on sale in the country, he said.
Over the years, these two new models in the world of technology, Samsung is rumored smartphone. The new models of the smartphone market, Samsung has used to bring the metal structures. Company officials, organizations competing metallurgical structure of smartphones are more durable than 50 percent of smartphones.
There is a new smartphone suparaayamoleda inch screen five point one (1,440 by 2,560 resolution), so that the world of smartphones, Samsung claims to be the highest density pixel world. Has 64 bits akta eksinosa core 0.1 GHz processor 7 Samsung 35 percent faster than previous models, will smartphone. This smartphone uses RAM DDR3 RAM instead of 4 performance DDR memory 80 percent increase in smartphone. In addition, we have added two models to install flash storage smartphone speed. MicroSD storage and 128 GB of storage facilities in 3264 without the benefit of this model can be found in the phone.
The F 1.9 aperture and facilities smartphones optical image stabilization includes a 16 megapixel camera and in front of the five-megapixel camera. The company has developed the camera application.
Two models of smartphones can run for four hours with just a load of 10 minutes. However, these two models of Samsung smart battery changes had no chance.

Modern days Three iphione

Apple products this year, three of the lovers embrace and out models of Apple iPhone on the market. In September this year, and three models of the iPhone that could open new tricks of the company. India News Today.

Market analysts predict, iPhone Model 6 S and S-Plus version two a day is 6 years. 6 C, as well as two models of the iPhone on the market may be another model.

IPhone 6 C may be the model of four-inch to 4-inch iPhone 6 percent to 7 S and S-Plus is five and a half inches in size that the iPhone 6 is relatively small. The chip is used in the octave.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Modern time Desktop Computer

A typical desktop
Is made up of several parts in one desktop computers. Processor, motherboard, 15.6-inch LED monitor, GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, DVD writer, keyboard, mouse, spikarasaha general purpose desktop computers, the price is now more or less the 3 thousand rupees. Intel desktop processors are used. The AMD processor market.
High Capacity Desktop
Speed ​​V 320 GHz Intel Core processor, 18.5-inch LED Monitor, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB hard drive, 1 GB graphics card, DVD writer, keyboard, mouse, speaker, high-capacity desktop kesinsaha price fall 50 of more than Rs. Now the market is the maximum capacity of the processor core at Seven. 5 of the price of money.
All-in-One PC
Different parts of the assembled desktop computer, which is known as the clone PC, they are more than the market. They can be made according to the budget. Clone computers made by the world-renowned brand of computers available on the PC. And now on the market all-in-one computer.
Global Brands (Pvt.) Limited Managing Director Rafiqul Anwar, HP, Dell All-In-One PC is very good word. Lately, things have started to grow in our country needs. There are some special features of a desktop on a table and the amount of space that you need, all-in-one PC, so it was not the case. We just saw a monitor table. And at the back of the monitor with the power, hard disk, processor, RAM masaha everything is set. "All-In-One PC is a touchscreen. These prices from 3 to 61 per thousand.
Apple Macintosh
Graphics, desktop publishing, video editing demand for the Apple Macintosh.
Give the garacche, desktop computers is increasing both strength and speed. The biggest advantage is that the work can be arranged for the desktop computer.

35 dollars a Windows computer!

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 will support the Raspberry Pi date version. This allows users to receive only 35 dalarei uindojacalita computer. At the end of this year, $ 35 Microsoft Windows PCs are expected to be able to bring to the market.

The new version of the PC, tablet, smartphone, like the Raspberry Pi computer bordacalita devices tour run Windows 10. In addition, there are a quad-core ARM raspberries paitute korteksa facilities and one of the Seven gigabaitera processor RAM. Earaemabhi 7 Taking advantage of the RAM to run Linux and Windows 10 easily.

Low-cost computer users can easily reach the world is going to work in a variety of technology companies. In this case, reduce the cost of creating the computer board craze raspberry pie. Associated with the MS.

A Computer without mouse-keyboard

Buying patterns have been changing the way tabs and smartphones, desktop PCs, he considers the design still remains the adikalei. But Hewlett-Packard (HP) is trying to change the design of the PC. BBC News.
Recently, the mouse or keyboard to control the system through a computer instead of a computer touch matte and has a built-in HP-Dcameras. HP computer name of the project sprouts; Computer control, which allows users to create graphics on the mat. In addition, the computer can create a file-D printer, which has the opportunity to edit screens. That this can be done using a computer-D printinye. US to sell $ 900 of this PC is HP.
Market analysts say that HP PC market brings a new kind of time when they are going krantilagna.
At one time it was at the top of the PC market, HP. But it was gone in 01 eicapike climbed to the top of the PC market, Lenovo of China. Despite a decline in sales of the PC market, the new HP PC is trying to return to the top of the market. HP to implement this plan, the company is going to be divided into two parts. There will be a part of the business and another part of the PC and the HP printers and other hardware, software and services. ReadMore

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Goodbye Nexus 5

Google to stop production of the popular smart phone neksasa5. Since the first quarter of next year, the Nexus 5 is no longer available. Google spokesman, 013 did not produce the product and Google.
Google spokesman said tekaradarake technical website, which, once it has been lost. Our advice to consumers until the market, while not bought. "This means that the Google Nexus 5 and does not leave the market.

Google Play Store and certain threshold from the retailer to the Nexus 5 will be available early next year. Google officials said the e-mail in the bharjake.

Google is themost popular this smartphone 4.95 inch Full HD IPS display, 226 GHz quad-core processor, two GB of RAM, the 8-megapixel and 1.3-megapixel camera on the front. The battery also miliayampiyarera 2300.

New Windows will come delayed

Many hoped, maybe it will open as soon as Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. But Microsoft is planning authorities, will open in September next year before they are at least Windows 10.
10 December, Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner said nikkeike Japanese media, the new version of Windows will be open by the end of next year.
Yet Microsoft Windows 10.

Although not officially announced the release date of a specific version of the report was published, soon get into the hands of users of Windows 10. But Microsoft official said, by September of next year, will be officially released Windows 10.
Prior to the technical website bharja said, in January next year, plans to hold a press conference the company the world's largest software maker. The conference will open with Microsoft Windows 10 Consumer Preview feature. This is how the computer operating system, tabs, mobile phone will work and what will be featured in the information that causes the Microsoft conference.

Earlier this year, in a small ceremony in September sanaphranasisakote Microsoft Windows 10 was released. Phone, tab, the console device can use a variety of Windows 10, Microsoft has made.