Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Widows Mobile and Android Develpment Platform part3

Unit testing for Android is quite simple as the API uses the JUnit testing framework. The JUnit framework enforces the hierarchical organization of the various test units, which is a big plus. Moreover, the pattern of JUnit guarantees the independence of the test units and minimizes interference. This is done by first creating and then destroying the environment newly created test before and after each test method is executed. Android JUnit even takes a step further by allowing the device to test the code. Here, test libraries are incorporated as part of the standard libraries of Android.

However, there is a problem with the Android device in the tests compared to Windows Mobile is the readability of the results. Evidence of Android devices do not have a user interface that can display test results. To see the results of the test, a controller that handles the callbacks Android test runner has to be implemented.

Windows Mobile, on the other hand has a high degree of legibility and visibility, while the Android platform is a bit difficult to use when it comes to efficiency. The problem with Android is the lack of information, which is issued automatically through visual tools in the integrated development environment in Windows Mobile.

Windows Mobile implements a version of the xUnit framework. The code for the test class is held in a separate project, although still within a solution in the IDE. Like Android, Windows Mobile xUnit testing also allows for device testing. The greatest difference here, as mentioned above, is the feedback test. Windows Mobile has a full user interface that provides information from each test. This makes it easier for developers to better understand what the test was successful and why a particular test failed.

Debugging support is also important for the development of applications because it is a step in real time by step execution code, which can help you find and correct errors. The treatment process will be dependent on the integrated development environment to carry out its task. Both Windows Mobile and Android step by step debug support platform. In addition, both platforms also include a debugging feature on the device that allows an application running on a mobile device during debugging runs in the IDE.

Widows Mobile and Android Develpment Platform part2

 However, the difference lies in the way that storage space is exploited. While Android can not install apps on memory cards, Windows Mobile allows. Both Android and Windows Mobile platforms have a relational database. In addition, both platforms have enough features libraries of useful persistence. Once the libraries have been initialized, the access to the database is available through an object oriented interface that can be easily accessed by developers.


Performance figures are important for both users and developers. Comparing the results of the two platforms will be implemented based on the file size. The basic purpose of measuring file size is to get a better idea of ​​the configuration and the runtime dependencies included in the application packages.

Android applications are packaged in apk (Android Package) files. The. APK usually has a group. DEX (Android program files) files, operating as a single application file for use on the Android platform. The APK file. It's basically the compressed version of the content in the file 'AndroidManifest.xml'.

Windows Mobile applications make use of the cab-files for packaging and deploying applications. The first step in making a distributable file involves packaging application to a file (Cabinet) CAB. This CAB file will be deployed to other devices that can be expanded and installed. A CAB file is basically an executable file that contains the application, resources, dependencies such as DLL files and other resource files.

Widows Mobile and Android Develpment Platform part1


Android was launched by Google in 2007 as an open source platform for developing mobile software for smartphones code. The Android platform was launched as part of the Open Handset Alliance. The main objective of this partnership was the creation of open standards for smartphones. Android is basically a Linux based open source operating system for mobile. As an operating system for mobile phones that allows developers to create managed code in Java, using the Java libraries developed by Google. Not only provide Android mobile operating system which includes a development environment, it also offers a custom virtual machine called Dalvik virtual machine for running applications and acts as middleware between the operating system and the code. When it comes to application development, Android facilitates the use of 2D and 3D graphics libraries, advanced networking capabilities such as 3G, EDGE and WiFi and a custom SQL engine for permanent storage.

Windows Mobile

Developed by Microsoft, the Windows Mobile is an operating system for mobile devices. Based on Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 platform, Windows Mobile is used as an operating system on many smart phones, PDAs and touch screen devices. Windows Mobile facilitates the creation of custom applications written in managed and source codes. The Application Programming Interface (API) for Windows Mobile is extensible and has advanced features along with a soft layer. In addition to Windows Mobile also leverages the capabilities provided by the Microsoft.Net environment.

Mobile Platform to Develop

The most important point is income. When it comes to making sales, iOS users spend more money on their applications. Although the Android platform has the largest share, iOS is doing 74% of all revenues from applications.

When we talk about Android, the best comment to make about this is visibility. Sixty-five percent of smartphone owners of phones around the world using the Android operating system, if you do a free application for Android, your brand could easily spread worldwide. Android users are not very interested in spending money, but there are millions of them, and can offer a large number of downloads.

Android also has a big win with your shipping process less limited. iOS developers often have to make peace and submit the request again several times because of Apple's strict rules. They can give you several reasons: their implementation is offensive or sexual references made ​​that third party rights are violated, it offers good functionality, etc. Some have more sense than other reasons.

Finally, while Windows Phone has fewer features than the other two competitors is a big market for users with a business background. This is a less competitive market that can make your application more visible.
Cloud services between Windows Phone and other Microsoft products (Windows, Office365, OneDrive, Xbox, etc.) become a powerful integration. Worth keeping an eye on this.

Some statistics also indicate that Windows Phone users download an average of five requests per month, while four Android and iOS have to settle for three users.

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Android Tops the Charts

Android phones were launched in 2008 and mightily mobile platform was anticipated by many users who wanted a different type of experience. Since its debut, it's a different level of experience in providing managed to captivate the hearts and minds of millions of people. Because of its many capabilities, phone or other smart systems were not able to contribute to the amazing opportunities and benefits that were not available. Android takes the lead in the mobile platform technology. Since 2011, sales of Android phones and other smart phone technologies that have outperformed.

Android is paired with a direct manipulation interface to a Linux system works. A Linux kernel consists of a free and open software model that is designed for a computer or electronic device that is defined as an operating system. This open model that is affordable for everyone at a more advanced operation and applications to offer the Android system. Android smart phones have a very talented and very user friendly interface, which is part of the reason for his great success.

Android's advantage

· An abundance of applications such as Google's free, compatible with

· Android system allows users to select apps from other platforms and sites

· A lot of features for free or low-cost apps

· Android smart phone which enables the use of the period has been extended battery lifetime…Read More

Affordable Pre-Paid Cell Phones

, $ 40/Month gives you 250MB, and $ 50/month gives you 2GB of data in T-Mobile's HSPA + + 42 is: "+ serial is performed on the T-Mobile network, and only two have plans with unlimited voice and text .'s LTE network. "

Kajeet - Plans as low as $ 4.99 / month as a start. $ 19.99 / month with you 150 voice minutes, unlimited text and picture messaging. Completely new phone rates are a little higher; If they have any kind of deal turns out to be the Android phone. Kajeet is the real advantage of parental control, so this is a perfect phone for children.

"Sprint based Kajeet Bill 'smart phone for kids' as himself. Every service plan comes with a suite of online parental control Kajeet. These, can be used when the child when parents call, you can talk to and who can monitor the amount of text could spend and what features can be used. Kajeet also filtered the internet that we know is only the carrier, you or your kid's phone-specific Web sites whitelist years late ".

Pre-paid phones are readily available today, that this is only a sample of the many. If you like it, this phone has a great suggestion to study all the options. Consumer Cellular, Republic Wireless, Ting, Zact, Ultra mobile, web plus, Net 10 Wireless, and H2O: Here are some names of others.

Buying a pre-paid, no-contract mobile phone, especially if it makes sense:

1., You do not use your phone very often.

2., You lost it or had cracked the case of long-lasting, but needed something that would not be affordable for a boy going shopping.

3., You are on a reduced budget, yet if you need a phone for your work.

4. The only trade you probably enjoy paying high cost for a phone or does not sell within a couple of years.

5., You tech-savy and customer support for your phone will need a lot.