Sunday, January 29, 2017

Flying Car Coming Soon…

Jam on the way! In fact, does the mind want to fly to its destination? Expect to fill the rest a few days, maybe more. But work to develop a flight visit, but keep going. A prototype flying car later this year, the European aircraft maker Airbus. If the company executive told Reuters data.

That year, Airbus 016, "Urban Air Mobility as a separate department launched. Building passenger vehicles like helicopters flying from the department is working on the idea. Passengers will be able to have more than one car in the city together. Will use a flying car to rent, as well as a car sharing platform.

Airbus chief executive Tom Anders dieladi in Munich said a test of a passenger car later this year would be a waste. Environmental and do not see why very seriously.

Tom Anders, development costs of the city's infrastructure will be reduced if the flying car. The concrete bridge or road construction costs. To create the largest commercial helicopter company in the world Automobiles Auto-mobiles Airbus, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and invested all the time. These important pieces of neglect of business development is negligence.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

program to contact with alion program

Intelligent alien or alien creatures will be launched trying to communicate with a large-scale program. This effort may be destructive of mankind to the United States despite warnings from scientists that the name of the program will be launched 'eksatrateresatriyala Messaging Intelligence' or emaitiai. December 7, according to a report in The Independent Online.

According to the report, the new program is aimed at intelligent space aliens in order to send a message to understand the message. Emaitiai from 2018 will start sending messages. Alien creatures that communicate with relaxed people without waiting for the program through their proactive people will try to communicate with them. Exotic animals to humans through exposure to perform.

However, scientists have long warned that such a message has been sent, could be dangerous for humans. These messages will alert the existence of foreigners and we will be given. It can be completely destroyed. Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking is among the scientists warn. He warned: "If you send messages of this kind it could lead to a danger for us."

Earlier this year, Stephen Hawking said, foreigners send any kind of message in response to our "clock" should be. If such an event occurs, it will be like the first meeting of Christopher Columbus with the Native Americans; Which was not pleasant at all.

Such messages can not be sent to space, what type of message can be sent, or send a message, it has no regulation. This means emaitiai or any other organization or institution that wants to work without objections.

However, those who are behind emaitiaiyera, say, if they succeed in this effort, through contact with the knowledge of foreigners and the exchange of information, as well as how it will be used.

How the universe for intelligent creatures living in remote areas can make understandable messages about the action plan now emaitiaiyera team. Basic mathematical and scientific ideas will simply be made on the basis of the initial message. A $ 10 million fund is expected to begin working in the organization. Some of the money will be spent on building buildings or sending a strong message to the transmitter of the rental universe.

Previously, scientists had tried to send a message to space. But the message did not reach the alien creatures, it is not guaranteed. Most of the concept of bijnanirai, we have failed until now.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Millions Android phones data were hacked…

Hackers stole  millions account information from Google. This includes email, photos, documents, confidential information like. Other affected Android smartphone apps automatically lowered their rating increases.

Check Point cyber security firm appeared at the studios. Google also confirmed Wednesday. Google has an idea about the type and extent of the problem of hacking. However, Google says, talking about hackers stealing data, information, however, could not steal.

Android security administrator Adrian Ludwig wrote in a blog post, the conspiracy affected by this rating was removed from the Google Play Store app. In addition, Google insists, is now a Google Play Store app and Android phones should not move.

However, it showed why with a finger in the eyes of hackers, but also outside the official applications of the App Store not only move.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Samsung's new gimmicks

Samsung is bringing to market a new smart phone. This could be the long-awaited 'S 7. What will be the phone? The words 'surprise'. According to the data published on various websites and blogs technology, 1 February 7, the Galaxy S smart phone, Samsung may bring.

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain, South Korea, the company could announce the next generation of Galaxy devices. The company has already invited the guests. "Anapyakada called the technology the world has been in uproar over this program. Samsung has already released a video on YouTube of the ceremony. Samsung has been the title of the video, "The Next Galaxy". A man wearing a virtual reality headset tijare video can be seen on new Galaxy reach. Laibhastrimim will open the program to YouTube on February 1 the new Samsung phone.

Market analysts say, as the new smartphone Galaxy "S 7 will be popular. 015 in the market because of the positive reviews and the new design of the Galaxy S 6, in spite of the market taneni buyer. Samsung lost smartphone market share. Price conscious consumers, instead of buying an expensive phone Motorola, Samsung, and Huawei siyaomi jhumkechena on brands like. What will come Phone 7? According to published reports on a variety of technical, S. 7 S. The phone will cost less than 6. It is a little larger than that of the S 6. That would be five percent of an inch S 7. 7 will come in two versions on the market. Come to the Edge of a curved display 6. The Apple iPhone will be added to the D-touch convenience. The Micro SD card slot will be. Eye scan can be unlocked Galaxy S 7.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Nokia dropped, bringing the Microsoft Surface?

Recently dabliuemapaoyara the user name of Microsoft's new smartphone has been leaked. The information has been leaked screenshot of the new surface of the phone. The phone has the code name "Juggernaut Alpha.
By the end of this year or beginning of next year, Microsoft Surface Mobile as it can go on the market. The phone will have a five and a half-inch AMOLED display, Intel Atom eksathri (Sofia) CPU, four GB of RAM. The phone will be available in 16.3 and 64 GB storage model. Surface tab, touch the pen to the surface that will support the technology.

The new smartphone software that will be used as a Windows 10 Mobile. In addition, it will be used for wireless charging technology as well as USB Type-C. 1 megapixel PureView camera front surface of the lens and in front of jesisa 6 jesisa Wi-angle camera of eight megapixels. (Business Insider)

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The fourth generation of the Smart phone market

Miliayampiyarera three of its battery. Android-powered smartphone features, as well as
the S Pen lollipop, fingerprint sensor, NFC and faster charging technology.
Lately flagship phone market after the start of his errors have been spread out on the web. The iPhone 4's' ayanatena 'problem starts ayanatena gate' scandal. Last year, the event became known to the 6 Plus twisted bendageta scandal. Samsung has now started esapena 'penageta. (BBC, slyasagiyara

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Note 5 'penageta' scandal!

"Penageta" Samsung said in the context of the problem, according to an instruction manual with the phone, the phone they use. This pane can be used and how it is written.
Penatike as if they have been instructed to not have any problem. This stylish design is to note 5.
On August 13 at a ceremony in London on 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 6 South Korean company announced Edge Plus. The next version of the Galaxy Note 4 Note 5. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The fourth generation of the Smart phone market

Aktakora 1.3 GHz 64-bit processor, the smartphone has Android 5.1 operating system, lollipops, 5-inch screen, 13-megapixel camera (front 8-megapixel) and so on. The two SIM cards can be used. Use the handset next to the Gorilla Glass 3. Phone also has two GB RAM, 16 GB of data storage capacity memory card.

Edison Group Ashraful Huq, head of marketing, based on customer demand, but this has been set.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Smartaphonei driving license!

This is due to the motor vehicle department emadiele any information contained in the bar code can instantly update. Maraphotrasta company information can be checked to verify the authenticity of an App emadielera. With this app without touching the phone to a police officer, the driver will be able to find out his identity and licenses.
Iowa State Transportation Department director Paul tramabino said, "We have not yet made all of this license. We have started test operation. Let's see if it is higher, then the license will be given to the driver. Other states like ours to encourage car drivers, digital licensing, I think. "

BlackBerry, Android phones 'Venice'

Android is one of the most popular smartphone operating system, the BlackBerry smartphone maker. Ayandrayedacalita phone technology on the BlackBerry is in bislesakedera various speculations. Many of the phone will be called the 'Venice'.
Venice phone pictures in a variety of technology-related publishing. On Twitter, the popular mobile phone recently leaked information being leaked phone Venice Venice ibhalikaseo account of market rumors meleche stems.

Maybe slider phone is a smartphone in front of Venice, which is a curved glass display and a hardware keyboard. Read More