Saturday, December 13, 2014

Goodbye Nexus 5

Google to stop production of the popular smart phone neksasa5. Since the first quarter of next year, the Nexus 5 is no longer available. Google spokesman, 013 did not produce the product and Google.
Google spokesman said tekaradarake technical website, which, once it has been lost. Our advice to consumers until the market, while not bought. "This means that the Google Nexus 5 and does not leave the market.

Google Play Store and certain threshold from the retailer to the Nexus 5 will be available early next year. Google officials said the e-mail in the bharjake.

Google is the most popular this smartphone 4.95 inch Full HD IPS display, 226 GHz quad-core processor, two GB of RAM, the 8-megapixel and 1.3-megapixel camera on the front. The battery also miliayampiyarera 2300.

New Windows will come delayed

Many hoped, maybe it will open as soon as Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. But Microsoft is planning authorities, will open in September next year before they are at least Windows 10.
10 December, Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner said nikkeike Japanese media, the new version of Windows will be open by the end of next year.
Yet Microsoft Windows 10.

Although not officially announced the release date of a specific version of the report was published, soon get into the hands of users of Windows 10. But Microsoft official said, by September of next year, will be officially released Windows 10.
Prior to the technical website bharja said, in January next year, plans to hold a press conference the company the world's largest software maker. The conference will open with Microsoft Windows 10 Consumer Preview feature. This is how the computer operating system, tabs, mobile phone will work and what will be featured in the information that causes the Microsoft conference.

Earlier this year, in a small ceremony in September sanaphranasisakote Microsoft Windows 10 was released. Phone, tab, the console device can use a variety of Windows 10, Microsoft has made.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Bangladeshi Mobile Game 'Highway Chase'

Smartphone Games fans 'Tap ayantasa' must have heard the name of that game. Rise up to the manufacturer to create Labs Bangladeshi IOS plyathapharmera this game as the most popular games in the world that took place in 98 countries. Exceeds the number of downloads and a half million. Now the game has opened up a new smartphone gemake more popular Rise Up Labs. Game and 'Highway Chase.
Download this game Apple Store, Google Play Store and is available to download from the Amazon store. In addition to the company's website ( can be downloaded from the game.
Rise up in the context of the new Communications Manager Ashraf Azad Labs, the first light, it's basically a sniper shooting games. 'Highway Chase' game made specifically for action and sutimpremidera. Gamers are gematite by a sniper. Within the prescribed period in which the assailant shot from helicopters to destroy cars. Pedestrian and vehicle as well as the general does not hurt, it was noticed.
Ashraf Azad said Appropriate for all the small and big 'Highway Chase' game has been created. A fun game for spending time. Domestic and international markets, keeping in mind gematite quality sound effects, eye-catching graphics and point facility. Points through the ranks to unlock the different stages of the game gamer. Take a long time to build a team that has worked in the games.

Rise Up Labs CEO Ershadul Haque baisisteyara different from the other characters in the game, graphics, sound, artwork and the story of the creation of it. 'Highway Chase's case was an exception. The name of the world's mobile games sector ayantasera Tap again hope to come up with the top.

In Web Index Bangladesh on 63 In total of 86

Internet Freedom and the Internet is very much was accomplished by utilizing the growth in Bangladesh. Web Indexes Bangladesh is ranked 63 among the 86 countries. Only 8 of 100 in the score. On 10 December 201415 Web father Tim Berners-Lee has published Web Index Business World Wide Web Foundation. Through the effective use of the Internet for global development and human rights issues related to the organization of this index has been published. Third time this index was published.

Bangladesh is ranked 63 Web INDEX INDEX 013 ranked 64th among 81 countries in Bangladesh. In 01 of 61 countries, the space was 55 INDEX. The index is in the neighboring countries of India in the 48th place with a score of 44.60. 2395 is the 69 th place with a score of Nepal, Pakistan, 76 th place with a score of 17.76. Minimum of three US Yemen, Myanmar and Ethiopia.
Bangladesh, as well as other indicators, as well as the Universal Access Web index 44.43, 2077, relevant content, Internet freedom has scored 33.76 and 16.85 empowerment.
The idea came to undermine the independence of the index over the Internet. Increasing government surveillance over the Internet and Internet freedom is being interrupted. In developing countries, 400 million people around the world access to the Internet reached. Advantage of low-cost Internet called for a fundamental human right recognized as the father of the web, Tim Berners-Lee.
Web Index Link Rhttp: //

Dell laptop discount

Dell 5423 laptop models, the discount has announced 10 of the Smart Technologies Tech marketers.

Windows 8 laptop models include the 5423 Core i5 processor, eight GB of RAM and SSD 128 Jeezy. 87 thousand dollar laptop can be bought at 77 thousand.
In addition to the 14-inch display model 5423 Dell 5442 laptop Core i processors with two thousand of the discount is 3 organization. It has 500 GB hard drive and eight GB of RAM. Laptop price 36 thousand rupees.

Low-cost Internet is a fundamental right

People will pay a low-cost Internet access. Data package that will eliminate any commercial or political gains. Internet should be considered as basic human needs. If the country's growth. Food, clothing, shelter, medical as well as a fundamental human right, as a low-cost Internet access should be a fundamental right, the father of the web, Tim Berners-Lee thinks. Reuters news agency said in a report.

Computer scientist credited with the invention of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee. In a statement, he said, now is the time to be announced as the basic needs of the Internet.
Yet a few hundred million people around the world in the field of internet facilities outside but growing public covert surveillance and censorship. A recent report published after the announcement of the Internet as a reminder of the basic needs of the founders of the web cast.
Tim Berners-Lee, the only gap in the internet people will be able to be in violation of the privacy and the Internet should be able to freely express their opinions. Web Index report in 201415 on the occasion, he said.
10 Dec 201415 Web Indexes found online, and 84 percent of the top-secret surveillance to prevent the type of law is weak, there is no law. A survey of 86 countries, 40 percent of the cases, with the highest priority is to clear the contents of sensitive online. In addition, nearly half of Internet users in 86 countries, the online rights are diminished. These 86 countries, 63 in Bangladesh.
Web index, according to the 440 million people are still out in the Internet, mostly residents of developing countries.
Berners-Lee said, the Internet is now recognized as a fundamental right time. This means that low-cost Internet access for everyone, be sure to package the data without any commercial or political point of view given the opportunity to use the web users, who are you not to consider the residents of their privacy and independence confirmed.
Web Indexes Denmark, Finland and Norway are at the top. That these three countries, the Internet, financial, political and social growth, playing an important role. Get the lowest Internet access in 86 countries, Yemen, the people of Myanmar and Ethiopia.